15 January 2023



new year and new me. This year my resolution will be to continue on this trail of buying less and use up what I already have. I know I'm not starting with a big bag of empties but I feel like I used up a lot of items last year so that is also good.

First is a hand cream from Afrodita. It is their Grape anti-ageing hand cream (now they have it in a different packaging). To me this smells like heaven but I don't like the greasy formula (all of their hand creams are on the greasy side, my dad loves them but I'm not a fan) so I used it all over my body at night time. I noticed that they now have a body wash and a lotion... it is sold out at the moment but I hope it comes back and I will rather get that duo.

Next is one of my favourite face powders (I think it got discontinued and it is replaced with a new formula which I haven't tried yet). It is my beloved Catrice all matt plus face powder in the shade option Transparent (the lightest shade opposed to white). I think it makes my skin matte looking and it doesn't look too cakes even after a few hours or after retouching. I still have some backups and then I will just try the new one.

Next is another discontinued product and also one of my favourites as well. It is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It is a thicker cream that I only used at night time (it took too long to wait for it to get absorbed, there is Shea butter quite hight in the ingredient list and it shows). I loved this eye cream (I finished around five or six of them) because I really can see a difference in my skin around my eyes, especially in my less visible wrinkles after using it for a few weeks. At the moment I am trying some new stuff but I haven't been convinced yet. This eye cream will be deeply missed and I hope Avon comes out with something just as amazing as this one was.

The very last item is not new and also it isn't getting discontinued (at least to my knowledge). I had this Blistex classic lip protector before and I remember really liking it so I got myself a new tube and it is just as amazing as I remember. It is clear, very soft (I don't need to rub excessively) and I love the gloss it gives my lips plus there is a scent that I just can't describe but it is lovely. My lips are soft and supple when I use this balm and even in the colder days my lips didn't get dry when I was reapplying it constantly. This is one of my favourites and I already got myself a backup :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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