31 December 2022



it is the last day of this year and I'm cleaning my space. Pretty much my entire closet got a fresh start and I have to do the same with skincare and make-up. These are the last empties for the year and it is time to move on.

I purchased this body wash this year and the scent was so nice that I just had to use it immediately. It is from Balea and is named Flower Shower, to me it is a creamy blackurrant scent and I liked it a lot. I know this is a limited edition scent and probably I won't be able to get it again but if I see it I will buy it.

Next is Biobaza body lotion in the Spring Flowers option (Rose and Geranium). This to me smells more like Lavender and I was ok with that because it smells so comforting and lovely, quite perfect for going to bed. I think this is still available and I will get it again. The texture was on more liquid side so I had to be extra careful when I would open it but that is the only minus I can see. 

Then there is Hazelnut oil from Milnica and I used it as my first step of removing my make-up. The packaging is a bit awkward because it has a large opening so spilling too much happened frequently. The oil itself is nice, it lifted my make-up and didn't irritate my eyes. I would get it again. 

The very last item is my beloved Catrice Powerfull 5 liquid lip balm in the shade Fresh Acai Berry. I treat it more like a lip gloss but in reality it is more of a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss in my opinion. It has pigment (that lovely fresh off red shade which made my lips look more plump but not overly tinted) but still is a bit shiny (not glossy but also made it last a bit longer than a regular gloss). The pigment stayed on my lips for longer than the shine did and I love that also this particular shade was a good match for me. I really liked it and would get it again in the same color, the only negative point is that it wasn't moisturising at all.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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