18 December 2022



this time I'm very late due to some internet issues but also my own laziness got the best of me.

This time around I finished up two lip products, first is Avon Supreme Nourishing lipstick in the shade Revitalising Raspberry. I am having a hard time explaining this shade, in its essence it is red but not too vivid, it has some brick tones in it but it is far from being orange. I loved putting it on as a lip stain just to get that flushed look. This line of lipsticks is already discontinued and I think it is a shame. It was nourishing (as the name suggests) because it has balm infused formula (white swirls among the pigment) but at the same time pigmented. It was on a creamier side so there was a risk of getting it over the lip line but I usually just tapped it lightly and pressed it into my lips and that helped with the longevity and I was also able to achieve the desired look.

Second is my last Catrice Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss in the shade Pink Topaz. I love this line of glosses and this particular shade was amazing. Pretty similar to the lipstick mentioned above. It did have some golden shimmer but nothing too obvious. Lovely shade to bring some life back into my lips and generous shine to add the fullness. My lips were never dry while using it so I would get some more shades from this range, I would love to get this particular again but I think it is discontinued.

On the bottom is my second pot of Teaology face matcha fresh cream. I love that it is a light gel which absorbs into my thirsty but oily skin pretty fast, barely there scent is tea like and if I don't exfoliate this feel nice but if I do use my enzyme scrub and put this gel over it, it can tingle over some sensitive areas but it doesn't cause redness. I have also noticed that recently my skin got a bit more dry and even flakey, when I put thin/normal layer over it it didn't hydrate it enough. At the moment I'm not thinking of getting another one but when Summer comes along I'm getting myself a third pot of it. I love the lightweight feeling and no extra oils on my face when my skin isn't acting out.

I was thinking of getting the perfume but just couldn't bring myself to blind buying it so instead I got myself a lotion version. It is Replay Signature perfume body lotion. The texture was on the liquid side so I had to be careful when opening the tube but I still managed to spill it at the beginning. The scent was predominately musk-y and over time I went from liking it to loving it. Now I'm seriously thinking of getting the perfume but often the perfume hits slightly different than the lotion, just because of different textures and ingredients... At the moment I have enough fragrances but this one is definitely on my list. The moisturising properties weren't too bad, my skin is now a bit dry but it didin't get itchy which would be a sign that is not hydrated enough. 

And the last item is this huge Iliria Green Apple shampoo for hair and body. I used it only on my hair simply because my hair loved it. It is on the cleansing side and using it constantly without any conditioner afterwards my hair could get dry so I made sure to use conditioner every once in a while and I always use some heat protection spray while blowdrying my hair and after I'm done I put a drop of oil on the tips to nourish them even more. I love the big bottle which lasts for months, the pleasant scent, how clean, fresh and shiny my hair looked after washing them with this rather cheap shampoo. I will definitely but it again after I finish up what I already have in my stash.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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