28 February 2023



we are already at the end of this short month and just when we thought that the Winter is over it showed us some more teeth. 

In front there is Avon color trend lip gloss in Berry Drizzle. I remember getting this shade is a bundle because I could't choose any other. It was a purple with a blue shift, not very noticeable but if looked close you could see it. The scent is fruity (not sure of which fruit) and it also tastes like it, so that is big thumps up for me, the shade was not my favourite but if I applied it lightly it mostly looked like a clear gloss. I would get it again but in a different shade.

Next to it is another Alverde bottle of Rose oil. I love getting them because the pipette works and I don't make a mess with this packaging (think big opening and every time you have to pour it out...). My skin is often a bit pink/red looking and constantly using Rose oil helps reduce the redness. I'm already using a new bottle of it.

In the back there is this big bottle of Garnier Pure Active micellar cleansing water for combination to oily and sensitive skin. I really liked this one. My skin liked it, it didn't break out from using it and it removed any traces of make-up. I would get it again but I already have two other bottles that need to be finished up before getting new one.

Next are my favourite bottles of Catrice HD liquid coverage foundations. First one is in the shade Porcelain Beige (lighter and yellow toned) and next one is in Light Beige (compared with the first one slightly darker and neutral in tone - which also suits me better but I use the Porcelain Beige to mix it in because I purchased it by mistake and I have to use it up somehow). It is just a coincidence to have them both run out. My shade, Light Beige will forever be on my shelf but the Porcelain Beige feels unnecessary but since I have another full bottle of it I have to use it up and then hopefully I won't make another mistake and will buy the right shade.

From The Body Shop I have two body moisturisers from last year and they are both in the same scent. It was their Holiday themed Spiced Orange (Orange, Vanilla and Cinnamon scent). Top one is body yogurt and the bottom is their body butter. This had a very strong predominately spicy scent with some fresh Orange. Very nice and comforting but I had enough of it and I'm ready to move on to something fresher and lighter. If they will have it again at the end of the year I might get it again, I loved both formulas even though their yogurts aren't the most moisturising in the Winter time for my skin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 February 2023



I was thinking to post this one Valentine's Day but it just didn't feel right. This is my last bunch of empties for the first half of the month.

Not one but two Avon care revitalising hand creams with Banana. These are some of my favourites and Banana scent is lovely, not too strong but just to be noticeable. The lotion is light, absorbs quickly and it does its job. I had one tube at home and one at work and it is just a happy coincidence that I used them up at the same time. I also really love the Coconut version which is what I'm using right now but I like to alternate between the two.

Nivea original care anti-perspirant was fantastic. I love the roll on packaging and the scent was the best. I smelled like fresh, clean laundry even after a long and sweaty day :) Right now I'm using something else and now I'm really getting to see just how much I love this one. Even though it is anti-perspirant I was still  sweating but the scent came pretty much only from the product and was not stinky. After I'm done with what I'm using right now I will buy this one again.

I couldn't buy the one from The Ordinary so I found this from Revox as a substitute and I liked it a lot. It is their 10 % Niacinamide daily moisturiser. It is a thicker gel which absorbs quickly into my skin. I was using it in the evening together with other products, especially with a hydrating cream to lock in the moisture. Ingredient is proven to reduce skin imperfections, soften and smooth over your skin, help with excessive oil production and I want all of that :) I like the product and I will buy it again, at the moment I have a bottle form jet another brand to see if it can be even better.

Second to last is my trusty 2% salicylic acid serum from Beauty Glam. It penetrates deep into pores and helps to remove dead skin cells, which in my case means less pimples or if they do appear they are much more short lived or at leash smaller and less painful. Serums with salicylic acid has proven to me to be beneficial to my routine and I can see results pretty fast opposed to niacinamide which takes longer to see some changes but it is still a nice ingredient to add to my routine. I love this and I'm already using a new bottle of it.

The very last one is the Tony Moly Petite Bunny tinted lip balm in the shade Neon Red. It is more pink than anything else but it is staining and the color can be build up. The packaging is cute but the moisturising properties just aren't there so I won't be buying it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 February 2023

Neon Red?


for today I have prepared the cutes lip balms that I have ever had. Juicy Peach (top one) I already finished up a few years ago and I only kept the lid as a little token (but I also use it as a pencil top so it is multitasking).

The one that I finish up this time around is Tony Moly Petite Bunny gloss bar in the shade Neon Red. I think that the name is a bit misleading since it is not red but bright pink.

It comes off pink but slowly it turns brighter and more fuchsia, at least on me. It also has some staining properties, through the day it just builds up the color and looks brighter and brighter. For me these balms aren't really moisturising, it is cute packaging and the fun colours.

I am again keeping the lid and reusing it. It makes me smile when I look at them :)
I remember saying after using up the first one that I won't buy more and technically I didn't, this second version was given to me by my sister who thought that the cute bunny was something I would like and she was right. Love the packaging but the balm itself just wasn't my favourite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day