31 July 2023



this time around I have a bunch of moisturisers. I'm glad that I have finished so many of them, especially since I have plenty more to go through.

First is Teaology Ginger Tea energising aqua cream, I had very high hopes for it since I love the green matcha version but this one left me a bit cold. It has a standard cream feel and texture and it is moisturising but nothing too exceptional. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, black tea, ginger and vitamin C and E but from such expensive cream I expected more, next time I will get the green matcha one, I already used up two bottles of it and I miss it.

This is the second scented body moisturiser from Avon lately. It is their Far Away Rebel body moisturiser and since I did like it I prefer the one I used previously, scent wise since the texture was the same. Quite liquid, fast to absorb and okay nourishing properties for my skin which isn't particularly dry at the moment. I would get the Far Away Splenoria again but I can pass on this one. Not bad, I just preferred the other one.

Next is my beloved Skin 79 super BB hot pink cream. This brand seriously makes the best BB creams for me and I used to use them instead of foundation but now I like to use them on more casual days or on vacation. I tried to actively use this one up since I had it for long and I already got myself another one (this time is the Gold one and honestly they are a tie for me). Thick but easy to spread and blend out, high coverage and the shade matches me pretty well.

The last ones are just some amazing hand creams. First two are Avon care Berry Fusion and Banana options. Formula wise quite similar, lightweight and easy to spread and absorb (no greasy hands) and they do the job properly, the scents are the main factor here (I still prefer the Banana one) and I already have one in use. Avon makes some of my favourite ones and I already have some in stock.

The last one is Fruidia Passion fruit hand cream and I loved this one so much that I already got myself a discovery set with a bunch of different options. It is quite lightweight, small and convenient packaging (perfect to throw it into my purse) and the scent is divine, in my opinion quite realistic. I will try other scents but for sure I will come back to this one. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 July 2023



this time around I finished up a lot of products, I barely got all of them in one photo. Now I see it would be better to divide them but I'm too lazy to reshoot and I can't wait to just recycle items below.

I finally finished off one of my favorite fragrances which is Lancôme La vie est belle l'eclat EDT. I completely fell for this sweet orange blossom scent and in the crowd of similar fragrances this one remains my favourite. It is now discontinued but luckily I managed to get two more bottles to enjoy this lovely scent some more.

The heart shaped bottle is Diesel Loverdose Tattoo fragrance. This one was nice, I mostly wore it at home. I liked the opening which reminded me of peppermint candy cane (those are not the notes so I don't know why I'm smelling it) but the dry down was a bit more underscript. Not a bad scent but in the sea of fragrances that I have this one didn't stand out so I quickly finished it off and it will not be missed.

I finally used up this large bottle of Ziaja med antibacterial care body wash (I can't read Polish so I was using this as a face wash and through using it I found out that it is meant for the entire body... since it did work I continued using it on my face). It had a very watery texture (one or two pumps were sufficient) and removed all of the oils and make-up, it was actually very sufficient face wash but I had to be careful not to get it in my eyes because it wasn't pleasant. This product does get a thumbs up for me even though I wasn't using it on the right area ;)

Purple tube is Avon Far Away Splendoria body lotion. I also had a perfume but I didn't like it but lotion is a different story. In the lotion the scent was creamier and milkier while in the perfume it was more sharp and I felt like it was attacking my senses. The lotion was nice, light texture which absorbed quickly and I haven't noticed any dry skin afterwards. I would get the lotion again since I enjoy all the aspects of it but I still have too many products so I will restrain myself.

Next is my beloved Neutrogena Clear and Defend oil free moisturiser. Lightweight, it doesn't add oils to my already oily skin and a dose of Salicylic acid is doing wonders to my skin. I am already using a new tube and now it comes in a slightly different packaging (I have been using it for so long that I remember them changing the packaging numerous times but fortunately they don't tamper with the formula).

Next to it is another repurchased item and it is Beauty Glam Niacinamid serum. Another ingredient which helps my skin to behave, it is less oily and helps clearing my pores. I immediately swapped new bottle into my routine since I use this serum pretty much every evening after cleansing my skin.

I finished up an eye cream and this particular one is Bioderma Sensibio eye contour gel. It claims to tone down the puffiness which I rarely get, but also promotes soothing and moisturising properties. It is a lightweight cream and I personally prefer something a bit thicker (I only use eye cream at night time so no interference with my make-up), this was nice but nothing too special for me. I would prefer something thicker or at least more hydrating than this one so I will not buy it again.

Then there is a product that I absolutely love and again it is also discontinued. It is Avon Supershock Max mascara. It was a big fat wand with tons of spikes which coat and separate my lashes nicely. The effect is rather natural and elongated lash (I don't like clumping) and it suited me really well. I fortunately have two more back ups.

The very last item is a novelty for me, Avon bikini line hair removal cream. I tried it out and I was pleased with the result. There was enough product for six treatments and following the rules, after a few minutes I just simply wipe off the cream and all the hair were gone. Very impressive and my skin did't feel irritated so it was a win win situation. I liked the cream but shaving and laser is just as good for me, I can see buying cream again and using it on longer hair (if I get lazy and don't shave regularly I would use this cream again).

Thank you for reading and have nice day