31 July 2023



this time around I have a bunch of moisturisers. I'm glad that I have finished so many of them, especially since I have plenty more to go through.

First is Teaology Ginger Tea energising aqua cream, I had very high hopes for it since I love the green matcha version but this one left me a bit cold. It has a standard cream feel and texture and it is moisturising but nothing too exceptional. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, black tea, ginger and vitamin C and E but from such expensive cream I expected more, next time I will get the green matcha one, I already used up two bottles of it and I miss it.

This is the second scented body moisturiser from Avon lately. It is their Far Away Rebel body moisturiser and since I did like it I prefer the one I used previously, scent wise since the texture was the same. Quite liquid, fast to absorb and okay nourishing properties for my skin which isn't particularly dry at the moment. I would get the Far Away Splenoria again but I can pass on this one. Not bad, I just preferred the other one.

Next is my beloved Skin 79 super BB hot pink cream. This brand seriously makes the best BB creams for me and I used to use them instead of foundation but now I like to use them on more casual days or on vacation. I tried to actively use this one up since I had it for long and I already got myself another one (this time is the Gold one and honestly they are a tie for me). Thick but easy to spread and blend out, high coverage and the shade matches me pretty well.

The last ones are just some amazing hand creams. First two are Avon care Berry Fusion and Banana options. Formula wise quite similar, lightweight and easy to spread and absorb (no greasy hands) and they do the job properly, the scents are the main factor here (I still prefer the Banana one) and I already have one in use. Avon makes some of my favourite ones and I already have some in stock.

The last one is Fruidia Passion fruit hand cream and I loved this one so much that I already got myself a discovery set with a bunch of different options. It is quite lightweight, small and convenient packaging (perfect to throw it into my purse) and the scent is divine, in my opinion quite realistic. I will try other scents but for sure I will come back to this one. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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