30 November 2021



time is slipping through my fingers and it s almost December. This whole year went by in almost a blink of an eye. My goal of not buying as much as I did in the past is going well, from time to time I still slip and buy a bit more than what I need but in general I'm just using up what I already have.

Avon care softening moisture with Macadamia hand cream is the first item that I managed to use up. I usually love Avon care hand creams so when this one came out I had to try it out. It has a soft 'creamy' scent and a little goes a long way but the formula doesn't quite cut it for me. For me it doesn't sink in but rather stays on the surface and makes my hands slightly greasy but also it doesn't moisturize them as some other ones does. I'm glad that it is finished and I won't buy it ever again.

Next is Ziaja Enzyme peel for the face. It contains Papaya extracts for removing dead skin cells and since I'm trying to switch from mechanical scrubs to enzyme or chemical ones this Ziaja looked promising (there are also some moisturizing and calming ingredients included so the skin doesn't feel too stressed). It is a thicker gel and the instructions say to apply it on clean skin and rinse after 10 to 15 minutes... I figure it out that I'm too lazy to leave it on for that long :) I tried and when I did I did notice my skin being smoother but I already found other scrubs that are just as effective and work faster so I also won't buy this product again.

Essence came out with this collection of Hello, good stuff! items and I was quick to grab this face serum for hydration & glow with Pineapple extract. I heard a lot of people liking it so it didn't take long for me to pick it up. The scent is gorgeous, if you like Pineapple this is it. It absorbs into my skin and moisturizes it nicely, I was very pleased with it until I took it with me on my Summer vacation. I spend more time outside on the Sun and after washing my face I applied this all over thinking it will be good for my skin but then I started to notice this tingle, like the product seemed a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. When I came home and avoided Sun as much as possible the tingle stopped. This is the only negative thing I have to say about it but it bothered me soo much that I won't buy it again.

There is Blistex lip balm Happy lips with Strawberry flavor. I think it was limited edition and it isn't available anymore. This has a nice soft texture (I love soft and buttery lip balms opposed to hard to melt into my lips ones), I enjoyed it a lot but after using it for so long I got sick of the artificial Strawberry scent.

The very last item is Dr. Grandel Hydro active eye contour gel with Hyaluron which is a proper gel but it can leave a bit of an oily glow on the skin. It has some shimmering flakes in the serum but I haven't noticed any big sparkle on the skin, it is rather the gel itself that shines because it takes a while to absorb. I have been using it daily (only at night time) and I feel like my eye area looks a bit better but it is hard to say. I haven't repurchased it (it is a bit expensive) because now I will see if my eye area will get 'worse' and that will be the 'proof' for me that it worked and if I will feel like it did something positive I will buy it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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