15 November 2021



this mid of the month came out of nowhere. Time really is flying...

First is Dusch das Peach body wash which was super cheap but the scent was really nice. Very realistic Peach and it lather nicely, this gave me really nice experience and in the future I will repurchase it again.

I had this conditioner for a couple of years before I started to use it and the sticker at the back suggest that it was a gift with purchase. Honestly, I don't even remember when I got it. It is Nivea hairmilk care conditioner for dry and damaged hair. It has a thicker formula which coats hair nicely. I never left it in my hair for too long because I get bored in the shower but the results were still there. My hair looked and felt smoother and softer. At the moment I'm contemplating on cutting them short because they are really split but whenever I use this conditioner (I started to use it after every single wash) my hair looks lovely and people started giving me compliments on how great my hair look (they were never that spit and damaged but somehow they look the best and I have to thank this product). The only thing is that this particular one got discontinued but I found another one in a similar styled tube but it is light pink with almost the same ingredients list and it works just as good. This is my holy grail product and I hope to buy it again and again (in the new pink tube).

First I got a hand cream from this line and the scent was so soothing that I had to get the body moisturizer as well. At the end I decided to get this Avon care revitalizing with banana body butter. It has a slight banana scent which it the best. I don't smell like a banana peel ;) It is comforting and soothing, perfect for going to bed. The texture was a bit thicker because it is butter but it sink in really fast and it kept my skin nourished all the way. This will definitely be repurchased.

Bioderma sensibio AR cream for sensitive skin was a blast from the past. I remember having this years ago and it really worked but I remember this having thicker texture... Anyway, it is a light cream which with constant use reduces overall redness on my face. It is a slow progress but now, after finishing the entire tube the result is like night and day. My face is more even and has a skin tone like shade with only a slight pink hue. This is a big improvement and a really good product. Similarly also Rose oil works for me but I noticed that I'm moving away from oils (I still have them and use them but maybe not as much as I used to). This is a miracle product for me and I already purchased two backups :)

The very last item is Malinca Tea Tree hydrolat. I'm not sure if this does anything for me but the mist is soo fine that I will reuse this bottle for some other products. It has a strong Tea Tree scent which to me is calming and soothing (I noticed in the past that Tea Tree infused skincare helped with my acne prone skin, so now when I smell it it reminds me of clear skin ;)  Maybe now, I will see the difference... now when I can't use it anymore? If my skin will get worse I will repurchase it but otherwise I won't.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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