14 November 2021

Super Glow


I love marbled powders, I'm sort of obsessed and when I saw this beauty in the store, I just couldn't help myself.

Trend it up Super Glow baked blush in the shade 010.

The marble design is something, that pulled me in and the soft pink shade... it looked so magical in the store but the spell only lasted until I tried it out...

On my skin it is more peach toned blush, which is a bit surprising but I do love peach cheeks on me so that isn't the issue. It is the over excessive glitter and to achieve this swatch I had to layer it on around six times with my finger over a slightly sticky base... there is no way I'm doing that on my cheeks.

Applied with a brush I only get the golden glitter and no color payoff  - that was a massive disappointment. 

I could overlook the sparkle if this blush would have reasonable color payoff but it doesn't. It looks so lovely in the pan but it is just not worth it for me. I don't know anyone who would like this blush so unfortunately I will throw it in the garbage can :(

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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