31 October 2021



it is empties time and this time they are all very, very nice products that I enjoy a lot.

Teaology Matcha fresh cream was a novelty for me. Some brands promote that they use the purest water in their products but Teaology brand goes further and use different tea blends. I picked this one predominately because of the gel texture which feels very light on my oily skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly but it doesn't keep me matte for long so I started to use it strictly in the evening because I don't care if I go to bed with greasy face. They claim that this formula protects your skin against dryness caused by pollution. On some days this moisturizer was enough but on the days that my skin felt a bit more dry I had to top it off with some oil, again not an issue for me if I use it in the evening before going to bed. I don't mind layering as I feel like I get even better results. This cream didn't cause my skin to freak out which is rare and I already repurchased it and will start using it immediately.

Last year I bought a few of these The Body Shop body yogurts and I decided to try out first the Moringa one. I already loved the hand cream and body butter so it was only natural to try out the different version. This smelled like Moringa line, perhaps a bit lighter but still very floral and nice. The texture is something between yogurt and gel. It applies like a charm and sinks in really fast, after using it for weeks I noticed that my skin started to crave something heavier and more nourishing. These are as suggested by the brand most probably better in the warmer weather so the other two that I have I will save for next Summer.

Rituals, the ritual of Karma holy lotus & organic white tea hair and body mist was given to me by my sister. The scent is very calming and relaxing. I enjoy it a lot but as every other body spray this one too doesn't last which is a shame but I find out that there is a whole line of products with this scent, so I have my eyes locked on the body lotion... 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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