15 October 2021



today empties basket isn't very full but I'm working on different items especially moisturizing and nourishing ones. Cold weather is starting to affect my skin.

First item I probably bought in a bundle because I can't see myself buying it myself, scent wise and it is  Avon naturals cosy Vanilla & Sandalwood shower gel. The scent was just as imagined, very sweet and creamy. I took it with me on a Summer vacation (maybe not the most appropriate scent for a hot Summer day but I liked it) and I have to say that I enjoy it a lot, I even washed my hair with it and it made them really clean (if I wouldn't use oil on the tips they might look a bit too dry). It took me a while to finish it up because it was a bit of a thicker formula but now I'm glad that it is gone because this sweet scent was starting to get on my nerves.

Next is Avon anew vitamin C serum. It is a bit goopey but not sticky on the skin, it absorbed super fast which I liked but the scent was what bothered me. I could clearly smell alcohol, my skin didn't feel irritated but I tried other vitamin C serums that didn't have that scent so next time I'm just going to get something else. I know I'm not completely fair to it because not every alcohol is bad for you but on the other hand I also didn't notice any change on my skin tone. I tried other vitamin C serums that performed better on me, so I'm not repurchasing this one.

The very last item is a very good one. I love Avon care range of hand creams but they make different formulas, thankfully this one is amazing one and also one of my favorites. It is Avon care restoring moisture with coconut oil hand cream. The scent is barely there, just creamy and slightly coconut-y and the texture is not too greasy. It sinks in and nourish my skin so the next time I wash my hands they are still soft and well taken care of. I already have a back up and I hope they will never discontinue it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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