13 December 2021

Project Polish


I believe this is my first project polish for this year... and none of the polishes that you will see here were completely finished. That happens with old products, they just go bad...

First is Catrice Luxury Lacquers in the shade Thunder from Down Under. A beautiful black with silver sparkle, I thought it would have a rough finish but surprisingly it dried pretty smooth. This one didn't want to dry completely anymore so I'm throwing it out but I have two other similar shades in my collection so I won't be too sad.

Next is lovely Essence and their Millennial Pink shade. Pretty and opaque pastel shade which surprisingly applied nicely but after finishing a little more than half the bottle it became a bit too goopey and it is now hard to use. Again I found something else in my collection that looks similar but after that other bottle is gone I'm getting this one again. 

The last two are from Picture Polish brand. I won a giveaway years ago and I was able to pick three shades (the third one was picked by my sister and she has it), I picked up these two. Berry Nice and  Denim were the two shades that caught my eye. Berry Nice dries semi matte, I find the finish to be fun and slightly different from the rest of my purples but I can recreate it with a matte top coat. Denim is more unique I my stash and so far I haven't found a close enough shade. I have something that is more periwinkle and the particles are more of a shimmer than flakes... but so far it will do. 

I'm actively trying to use up what I have because clearly nail polishes that I have are old and going bad, the formulas just aren't as smooth as they used to be and aren't as fun to use. This year I have only buy two nail polishes and four are out the door. In the next few days I will go through some more polishes and I might declutter some more...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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