15 December 2021



today's empties post is very special because all of the products shown are repurchases and therefore all amazing items which will be repurchased again in the future if I haven't already got them :)

Every few months I finish up one of these Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer, this one is from their Grapefruit line which has a slight scent but ingredients wise it is almost the same as the one from anti-acne range. I just get the one I ether see or is on sale. My skin loves it and I'm already using a new tube and have two backups.

Second is another one of my favorites and it is Essence Camouflage+ Healthy Glow liquid concealer in Light Ivory. This is light enough for me, creamy so it is easy to disperse but it doesn't crease under my eyes. Did I mention that it only cost a few Euros? The best one out there for me.

Summer inspired packaging belongs to Avon care revitalising with Banana hand cream. These are some of my favorites and even though they don't just change the scent but the formula sometimes is different this one is the best. Lovely, barely there Banana scent plus a very nourishing and lightweight formula which actually moisturizes my dry hands. The best one and I already repurchased it.

Terra Naturi made this Orange & Citrus lip balm which is my holy grail. I said in the past tense because they discontinued it and now make two different ones (I haven't tried them out yet, I'm hoping that they will be just as good). It is a bit on the greasy side, super moisturising and nourishing with a pleasant Orange scent. What more could I want from a lip balm? Nothing much and jet they still discontinued it...

This big bottle is Ziaja Bubble Cola body wash for kids, because I'm a big kid :) It is also repurchased item of mine (this empties post really is showcasing some of my favorites). It is brown like Cola and it smells exactly like it. I used it mostly as a shampoo, it made my hair super clean, removed all product buildup and it made them smelled like I poured Cola all over ;)  At the moment I'm using a grown up shampoo but after it is gone I'm going to start using my next bottle of Bubbly Cola :)

The last item in a glass pot in front is Avon mark cream eye shadow in Totally Taupe, also my second but unfortunately last pot because they discontinued it. Lovely silver/olive shade with silver sparkle which managed to keep my oily lids stay less greasy so my eye shadow stay put all day long. I would repurchase it if I could and get it in another shade as well.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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