01 June 2021



I'm a little late but empty products pilled up so I still wanted for them to be in the spotlight.

First tube is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (surface hydration formula). I fell for the hype and decided to try some of their products, among all of them I decided to try this face moisturizer for extra hydration but my skin didn't think so. For me it just wasn't hydrating enough, It sat on top of my skin and make it look greasy. At the end I just decided to use it as a hand cream and all over my body so I was able to finish it up quickly and be done with it. I won't be repurchasing this particular one again but there are still some items that I would like to try out from them. I don't feel discouraged to try more for this brand just because this particular product didn't impress me.

I really like Batiste dry shampoos and when I saw this Sweet and Charming Nice version I just had to have it. It really is very sweet and powdery smelling and I liked it very much, there is also a Naughty version but I wasn't brave enough to test that one out ;) This one I will definitely repurchase.

This is second and last  product from the brand 183 Days that I will own because I noticed that they went out of business. I saw this foundation on sale for 2 € and decided to get it. It was very light in texture and coverage but that worked in my favor because otherwise it would be too dark for  me. I bought and used it only on my neck and chest, to match my foundation face to the rest of my body and for this it worked wonderfully. If they would still have it I would get it again, but as I said I wouldn't use it on my face.

Next to it is a lovely The Body Shop hand cream with Shea Butter. The consistency was almost gel like and very unusual considering that it is promoted as a Shea Butter cream. The texture was lightweight and fast absorbing but at the same time very hydrating (I have tried some other ones from them and they all seem to have this amazing formula that works for me like a charm). The scent was light, creamy and slightly masculine, I liked it very much and I will try to get a lotion or body butter in this scent beside another tube of hand cream.

I finally finished this The Body Shop Moringa body butter for 24 h intense moisture especially for dry skin texture. It was quite thick and a little went a long way, no surprise this big tub lasted me for months. I bought it after using up a hand cream in the same scent and I loved it so much to get this big boy but I noticed that the scent wasn't exactly the same. While the  hand cream was super floral, fresh and creamy at the same time this one felt a bit 'dusty' and not as bright. Maybe that was due to its age (I had it for a year and a half in my possession before I started to use it...) I'm not tempted to get this body butter again but I will get the hand cream which had the same gel like consistency as the Shea Butter version.

The very last item is super popular Weleda Skin Food Light (there is also 'regular' version and this one is a bit lighter). The scent is the same herbal which can be a bit too much for me. This is still very greasy and it doesn't absorb that fast, I also noticed that I have other more hydrating and moisturizing creams in my bathroom... plus the strong scent on this... at the end I used it all over my body just so I finish it up as fast as possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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