15 June 2021



I'm back with another bag full of empties. 

A little while ago I was really into body sprays especially from Victoria's Secret. They had reputation of being divine so of course I picked some up, besides this one I also had Mango Temptation which smelled very nice, but I prefer this Pure Seduction body spray. It was ripe, juicy and sweet Plum scent and I really like it but longevity isn't the best simply because it is a body spray. I used it when I went to bed so poor longevity didn't bother me too much but no matter how much I like this scent I won't be repurchasing it again.

Next is an empty bottle of Iliria shampoo in  the Nettle option. I really like one shampoo from them and so I decided to try out some more. This one has a lovely fresh herbal scent but I don't think it is as good as my favorite Linden one. It did cleanse my hair but they got oily quicker than usually and they are also a bit more dry at the end... nothing major but a little difference was noticeable and  there is noting else that I have changed in my routine so I think for the majority of  it I can blame this shampoo. It is not bad, I just prefer other version.

Next is Ziaja cleansing peeling gel for normal, oily and combination skin from their Manuka tree line. This one is a proper gel formula with tons of peeling particles which are so very small that I was barely able to feel and I felt like it did nothing. My love for mechanical scrubs has faded and while I still have two left I think this will be the end. This one also didn't impress me but as of now I prefer enzyme ones.

Speaking of the more gentle kind of a scrub is this Avon Planet SPA Perfectly purifying with Dead sea Minerals gommage face mask. It contains enzymes which does the job and since they are in this thicker cream. I put it all over my face and when it gets even thicker you just wipe it off and your face is removed of dead skin cells. This type of scrubs works better for my sensitive skin but I think this one was a bit old and I didn't notice much difference. My favorite remains from Ren but recently I started to use one form Ziaja, so we will see.

I really like this Essence fruit kiss caring lip balm with strong Strawberry scent. It is very pigmented and has frosty shimmer. If applied lightly I think it works nice or even with a light gloss over... so very beautiful and did I mention that is smelled like real forest Strawberries? The thing is that I haven't finished it up but I dropped it and now the packaging is broken in a way that  I can't access the product, I never thought that can happen but trust me, I can make it happen so I'm just simply throwing it away.

Next is another lip balm but this one is more modest. It is Neutrogena one with Norwegian formula. Modest because it has no tint or scent and it just works. It has Ricinus oil as a main ingredient and I'm realizing that Ricinus works for me. It kept my lips soft and moisturized plus it has this nice slip to them. Very very nice and also quite inexpensive. This one I will definitely repurchase after I finish some more of them.

The very last item is Avon always on point eye liner in this magical shade called Lavender Grey. This line of lines is amazing, there is some kind of sharpener build in the lid of the product so whenever I was about to use it the tip was sharp, hence the name. This formula is extra creamy and easy to work with and to top it all off the shade is lovely. I finished it all up and have zero left to show but it is darker grey shade with a lavender reflex to it. It is barely visible but just enough to make it special. I would repurchase this one but first I have to go through my extensive collection. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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