30 June 2021



coincidentally products featured today are mostly from Avon. I still very much like their stuff, especially their scented products, they really make amazing scents to this day.

Avon Morrocan Romance with Rose oil, soothing bath & body oil really smelled nice and I think this was my second and last bottle since they don't make it any more. This one I used in the shower after a wash, I would lather it on and rinse it off. A thin layer remain on my body and as mentioned before it smelled divine. So, to put it simply, it was an in shower moisturizing oil. The product itself wasn't anything special but I liked the scent so very much that I would repurchase it if I could.

Next is one of my sisters favorite mask, it is Avon advance technique treatment mask with Argan oil.  Even though it is a hair mask and you are supposed to leave it on for a couple of minutes I noticed that it worked its magic even if I had it on my hair for only a minute. It is such a quick little helper that I'm sure to repurchase it again. My hair looked smoother and felt silkier after each use.

In my previous post I raved about Neutrogena face cream from this pink line, so of course I had to get the matching face wash. This Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear face wash with Pink Grapefruit also had a little bit of a scent and the texture was a bit goopey. Mixed with water it was okay but I had to be careful not to get it in my eyes because it would irritate them, not so much burning them but they would just turn pink (like swimming in the pool). There are kinder face washes out there and I don't need to hurt my eyes with this one. I'm glad that this one is gone and I won't repurchase it.

The very last one is another lovely Avon product. It is from their Planet SPA line and it is Fantastically Firming with Columbian Coffee extract body cream. To me this smelled like a latte, more milky than coffee like but the scent was definitely perfect for sleeping. So calming and soothing. I also enjoyed the the txture of this cream because it wasn't a hard butter but closer to the lotion than anything else. I would repurchase it in a heartbeat if I could.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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