10 July 2021

Think Pink, No - Brainer, Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red


a little while ago my heart skipped a beat when I found out that Essence is discontinuing their line of Shine, shine, shine lip glosses. These are some of my favorites and will now be gone :(

Later on, I figured that they reformulated them and packed them in a different packaging. I have not tried the new versions but I took the advantage and bought four more before they were completely gone.

I could not resist in getting a back up of my beloved Think Pink version, next is No - Brainer (slightly warm, brown toned nude), Oh my Plump! is a bright coral with the volumizing effect (this one has a cookie scent and a minty feel to the lips, it is not very cooling which I appreciate because I figure it out that I don't like super cooling lip products anymore) and the last one is named Strawberry Red. All three, besides the volumizing one have fruity scent, which I think is very nice and pleasant.

All four have intense shimmer which helps with the glow, but they could tone it down a notch. After they dry the shimmer stays and can migrate around my lips but I don't think it is very bad, I can manage it.

Think Pink, which is a soft pink shade is still my favorite. No - Brainer is a bit too warm for me but I try to put a thin layer on my lips and I'm fine. Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red are both on a more pigmented end and I have to be careful when I'm applying them, because otherwise I can look like a clown ;)

These have nice scent, pleasant, non sticky formula that I really like. At first I was sad to see them go but seeing all the new versions... I think after all of these are used up, I will happily pick something from the new range. I can't find many reviews on them, so I guess I will have to test them myself.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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