15 July 2021



in todays empties I only have amazing products. Some are definitely going to be repurchased and back with me soon.


First we have the Ziaja Olive body wash. I purchased a full set from this olive line and so far I quite like their products. This is a body wash which was pretty liquid and a little bit at the time was enough to wash my entire body (sometimes I even used it as a shampoo and it cleansed my hair very well without stripping them too much). This big 500 ml bottle lasted me for months and thankfully the scent was also very pleasant. Creamy olive scent, I think ;) Very, very nice and I would repurchase it again.

Next is  my beloved Burdock shampoo from Ilirija. Very simple and basic looking bottle but the product does its job. It is a bit thicker and it foams really nicely. It cleansed my hair, removed all product buildup and the next day my hair were silky soft and they smell naturally herbal. This shampoo has become my favorite and it is dirty cheap. At the moment I'm using something else which is also very nice and could become my new favorite... well, they could share number one spot ;)

A couple of years ago I purchased this The Body Shop Satsuma body spray (back in the days I liked body sprays but now I prefer something more longlasting). This is a truly zesty and sparkling scent. It really reminds me of this citrusy fruit and especially the peel, because it is a little bitter and sparkling. It was a really nice refreshing scent but as I mentioned before it does not last, so I won't be buying it again in a body spray format but perhaps I will get something else from this line because the scent was lovely.

Second to last is Catrice Prime and Fine fixing spray. I have tried some of their limited edition options and so far I liked them all so why not try the 'regular' one. I did and I think it is just as good. The spray creates a fine mist and my make-up lasts longer, especially under my mask. I will definitely pick up another one but so far I have one from a previous LE and I just bought the new one form their current LE Bronze away to... after all of them will be finished I'm going back to this one.

The very last item is another Catrice product and it is from their Clean ID line and it is lip oil and since it only holds up to 2 ml it was gone pretty fast. It was a clear oil but very glossy looking and not super thin compared to some other lip oils. It also hydrated and nourished my lips so I liked it very much, unfortunately it is discontinued and I can't get a hold on it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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