26 June 2021

Clean ID lip oil


I have been using this lip product for a while now and I know I should talk about it sooner but I just couldn't find the time...

Catrice clean ID lip oil in a 2 ml tube. The packaging looks pretty regular just the walls must be super thick to carry such little product in it. 

It is clear (no color changing agents on the way) so it is pretty okay to reapply through the day because there is no color buildup. It has no scent or taste just a nice non sticky slip.
If I wouldn't know I would say it is a lip gloss not a lip oil, because usually oils are lighter and disappear within minutes, this one last longer and it is also pretty hydrating.

It has a standard applicator which does the job. 
This product is already discontinued (I managed to buy it while it was on sale for half the price) and since then they replaced this with tinted versions but I don't know how they compare.
This one is nicely hydrating and nourishing for my lips and I find myself reaching for it non stop, it is a shame that the tube is so small. I already used up more than half of it and soon it will be gone but now I'm intrigued to try out the 'new' versions Catrice has.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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