10 August 2021

Big Softie and XXL Charm


today I have some of my favorite make-up products to talk about... that is lip products and more specifically lip glosses. I'm still loving the glossy lip.

Essence Plumping nudes lip glosses in shades Big Softie and  XXL Charm are the two that I picked out for the range.

In the name there is a clue of what kind of shades to expect :)
I picked out one 'neutral' nude and one sparkly number to have fun with it.

It has a regular applicator and the packaging holds up to 4,5 ml of product (it seems to me that they are making glosses smaller and smaller, tubes used to hold around 8-9 ml of product...).

Big Softie has a cream finish and it is a touch warmer, if I don't apply whole lot it doesn't bother me otherwise it can be a bit too warm toned for me. The other fun shade is XXL Charm and it doesn't have whole lot of pigment but it is jam packed with shimmer. On the lips it looks almost frosty but because it is glossy it doesn't bother me. I just have to be careful and not over do it.

They are a bit cooling but compared to some other plumping products these go on the mild side and so far I'm liking the fact that they aren't very strong because I'm starting to realize that I prefer non-tingling lip products. They also have a mild fruity scent which is a bit unexpected but really nice. 

All in all I'm quite happy about them, they are not my favorite and most probably I won't repurchase them but still. Fruity scent is a plus, light tingling also doesn't bother me and the shades are wearable. I can see myself wearing them daily and finish them up before this year ends.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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