15 April 2020



my goal of not buying skin care and make-up products is going well, instead whenever I feel the urge to get something new I open my closet, drawls, boxes... and look at all the products I already have and need to be finished up. I often find something hidden in the back that I almost forget about...

Zara Brown Sugar & Mint Leaves body spray is very old and I for sure know they don't make these anymore but they were really nice. I think they had four or five different scents (I owned three) and they were very long lasting for body sprays and super cheap. This version was very creamy and cozy. It wasn't too sweet and I have to thank the mint leaves for that, it wasn't minty at all but it helped toned down the sweet notes. I usually put it on in the morning (two sprays on the skin) and then put whatever perfume I wore that day, it complimented pretty much all of my fragrances very well and that was also a reason I wore it daily and managed to finish it up completely in a relatively short amount of time.

Avon Care glycerin hand & nail cream are some of my favorites and this was a limited edition scent with Jasmine but I think it is still available. I don't really pick up the Jasmine note but it does smell nice, to me it is more of a clean and fresh scent and not that much floral. Fun fact, Avon Care hand creams are now available in 75 ml tubes only except for this scent which is still in the old 100 ml tube while the prices are the same (I have a couple of backups ready to go in case they decide to discontinue it).

 My favorite and second pot of Artdeco eye shadow base is complete. It has a bit of a tint to it but it matches my skin tone pretty well and it also has some shimmer in it which doesn't bother me because usually I use shimmery shadows anyways. At the moment I don't have a new one but I'm using two different cream eye shadows as primers and I would like to finish them first before getting this gem again.

 My sister gave me this Avon naturals healthy hydration conditioner with Almond & Avocado since she didn't like it. I  don't remember why she gave it up but I ended up loving it. The scent is nice and Almond like and what is the most important is that it made my hair silkier and smoother whenever I would use it on my ends. I would repurchase it again but I do have another conditioner to finish up.

The very last item is one of my absolute favorite lipstick in the whole world and there isn't a surprise that it is from Essence and it is their Colour up! Shine on! Rosey Glitz lipstick. You can read my initial review about it if you follow the link and everything is still true. It is a mash between a lipstick and a tinted lip balm. It has pigment but a shine and nourishing properties of a balm. The scen/taste is still delicious and ever since I received this bullet I bought myself a back up in the same shade (I love it that much).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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