14 April 2020

Bright On! and Happiness in a Bottle


these two fellas have been sitting in my unpublished post for way too long. I think I bought them last year after the Summer, early Autumn and I did wear them but never posted anything about them which is a shame because they are really good.

Essence shine, shine, shine wet look lip glosses in Bright On! and Happiness in a Bottle.
I love this formula so I had to get some more of them. I purchased them last year and I'm not sure if these two fellas are still available... but they have some new shades...
These curvy bottles hold 5 ml of product.

They have these quite large hart shaped applicators that makes the application super easy and fast jet precise.

I bought one shimmery shade because I felt like a rebel and the other one is pink/brown toned nude with a cream finish. 

Bright On! shade doesn't give me much base color but the shimmer is very intense and I find it to be very pretty. It doesn't migrate all over my face and I appreciate that very much.

Happiness in a Bottle is more of 'me' shade and I remember being the one I fell for from the start. It has such a lovely warm/rose undertone and it is very flattering on me. It comes across as a very neutral shade but it does pack some punch because it is a bit darker and quite, pigmented.

These have fruity scent but I can't figure it out of what fruit. I received my first one back in 2017 and if you are interested in my first review of a bold purple shade you can read about it here.
They aren't sticky but are very glossy and juicy looking. Some of my favorites and I think I can easily say they make it into my top three pack. The formula is just so good and I don't know if you saw but I  bought another shade last year... they are that good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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