06 April 2020

Full of Love


a little while ago Catrice came out with new line of lipsticks. I signed up for a PR sample and was lucky enough to receive this beauty. Thank you Catrice.

Catrice Full Satin Lipstick in the shade Full of Love.
The packaging is simple but very beautiful in my opinion. It does shows fingerprints but a little wipe down every once in a while and it is good.

The shade is a pretty standard bright red (not warm and not cool). I noticed that on the swatch it looks cooler but on my lips it pulls slightly warmer (my undertone plays a big role and the light).

The formula is very creamy but not slippery at all. Very nice for a satin finish in my opinion, especially considering the bright red hue. I wouldn't want such a bright and bold shade moving all over my face.

On me and in this light it shows up a bit more warm, again it does depends from your skin tone. I think it is very universal tone and the coverage is amazing so even someone with darker natural lip could pull it off.
Through the day it wears nicely, after drinking it did sheer out a bit (it doesn't completely dry so it does leave a light stain on the glass) but I added a thin layer and I was good. It did not survive eating but that is somewhat to expect. 
What bothers me with it is the scent. It isn't very strong but it is noticeable. To me it smells like an old lipstick, something my mom used to wear when I was a kid. It is not pleasant to my nose but after it is on I can't smell it anymore.
I personally prefer to wear red as a stain, so just dabbing it on and that way it looks more natural and also it stays on for longer without any touch ups. The last time I was in the store I forgot to check other shades. I know there are ten in total and number one and two look a bit lighter and more of an everyday tones.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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