01 April 2020



if you read my blog on a regular base then you know by now that I can't resist lip glosses or lip oils. When I saw this little Essence stand with their 'new' limited edition my eyes immediately jumped onto lip glosses even though I first thought that they are oils because of their transparent texture.

Essence Bloom Baby, Bloom nectar lip gloss with jojoba oil in the bright pink shade Hibis-kiss was the first thing I saw. There was also bright orange number (I don't wear orange shades) but I decided not to get it even though I expected them to be super sheer (there were no testers out so I had no idea what I was buying).

The applicator is huge, you can paint not only your lips but also the entire chin with just one swipe ;)
The color, as expected is completely clear so I didn't even bother with a swatch. The wand looks like the product would be bright pink and the gloss in the packaging looks more red toned pink but on the lips it is completely sheer. I don't mind the lack of color because the scent makes it all better, I can't quite pin point the scent but I would say it is fruity-sweet (not vanilla or caramel, something completely different and very, very nice). I also appreciate the big tube that holds 9 ml of product which I find quite rare these days.
I wore it over chapped lips and it healed them in a couple of hours so that added jojoba oil and vitamin E really do something. It is very glossy and shiny, sometimes I wish I would get a backup but then again, I have so many lip glosses that one more would be just too much.

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