09 April 2020

I Rule


I have bought this liquid lipstick during the last Black Friday (I think) or was there another sale? It has been so long that I don't quite remember...

L'oreal rouge signature liquid lipstick in the shade I Rule.
The packaging is clean and sleek, the tube closes with a sturdy click so I really don't think this could spill in my purse when I carry it around.

It smells a bit like wet paint but that fades away fast and it doesn't bother me too much.
The applicator is so darn cute, wouldn't you say? I love the pointy tip which allows me to paint the product very precisely onto my lips and I don't make a mess.
I would like to point the darker color of the applicator itself and the lighter color of the product. The product freshly applied does look lighter but when it dries it is darker and brighter (a bit deeper then the wand but still quite bright). I only have this one shade I Rule and can't say if they all do this with the color, if they will come out with some more 'me' shades I will consider buying some more ;)

The first swatch is freshly applied and it is quite liquid and it takes a while to dry down and even after a couple of minutes it still looks a bit shiny (imagine tapping a bit of lip balm over it, that is the intensity of the shine). Second swatch is made with less product and I let it dry completely so you can see that it can get much brighter but you can also apply more or less to achieve desired effect (I personally prefer a lighter coat but that is just me).

This is on my lips. I used very little product so it isn't as deep as it could get but that is how I like it on myself. I wanted you to see the 'sheen'. It looks like a have applied a bit of balm over it, right? I haven't and I love that it doesn't get all dry and cakey on me. It feels very comfortable and not drying at all. I was drinking (water and tea, no alcohol during the day for me ;) and it did leave a bit of a stain on my glass, not that much of a color but more of a clear print of my lips (the pigment stays on the lips, the extra moisture that is on top of the lips gets transferred). After a couple of hours I did reapply and it didn't disrupt the product that was left on my lips but it did looked darker and deeper. This shade stains my lips into a bright pink shade (rubbing them with oil helps to remove it). However it didn't quite survived eating. It looked a bit uneven (maybe I'm just a nasty eater ;) so I needed to reapply and again it looked very nice. I lightly patted some lip balm on top if I felt like my lips could benefit from some moisture and I was good.
I am very pleased with this lip product. It lasts much longer than my other colored lip products but isn't super drying or looks all crusty on my lips. It doesn't last as long as I expected to but I think for a more nourishing liquid lipstick that is fine plus you can easily reapply on top of what is left (some liquid lipstick you have to completely remove in order to apply fresh coat, not with this one).
I would get another shade if they would make something more neutral. I feel like there is a lot of bright or very dull shades, which is not my cup of tea but I will for sure stay on a look out for more.

P.S. Recently I have received the new Catrice Matt Pro Ink Liquid Lipsticks and I have already started to test the two shades and for sure I will compare them to this L'oreal one and I'm curious to see how they compare.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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