02 June 2016

31. NOTD


I think I wore this shade once before and then never again. This rusty, burnt orange just isn't my cup of tea kind of shade, I honestly don't even remember when or why I purchased it.

Joy 69

It is another Joy nail polish and  the shade is labeled as 69. It has some sparkles and if I'm not careful brush strokes appears.

Joy 69

It covers my short nails perfectly in two coats but I added the third one just to 'fix' the brush strokes and I think now it looks better.
I'm wearing it for two days now and it still looks nice, no chips or tipwear so once again I was proved that for me the nail polish doesn't need to be expensive to last. I think these 5 ml bottles retail for less than one euro.
I'm happy with the wear time but I'm not so sure about the shade, it is so not me but I really can't decide if I should keep it or give it away. I guess I will see after a couple days of wearing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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