06 June 2016



my hands are in very poor condition lately. I have been using the Melvita hand cream which just doesn't do much for my skin, so I decided to open another hand cream and see if it will perform better on my hands.

Afrodita hand & nail cream Chamomile

This time I opted for Afrodita hand & nail cream with Chamomile. To me it actually smells like a lemon or a lime, which is nice. The texture seems light but a bit oily which shows in absorption or better lack of it. I have to use very little of it and I still end up with greasy fingers. I think that the majority of the cream does sink in but the heavy oily residue is left on my hands and I'm leaving fingerprints all over my keyboard or phone (does anyone else hate that or is it just me?).
I think I will still use it at least until I get a new one but then I will probably give it to my dad who loves olive one from the brand and I have a strong feeling that he will love this one as well, the scent will appeal to him. Maybe Afrodita heavy duty hand creams are meant for seriously dry and cracked men hands.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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