22 June 2016

Nude Sand


it is time to show some love to the lips. Avon recently came out with Summer inspired collection and today I have one of the lipsticks to show it to you.

Avon Glow lip stylo Nude Sand

Avon Glow lip stylo in Nude Sand. It comes in a bronze packaging so it is easy to spot among other lipsticks.

This particular shade has no shimmer, just a simple cream finish. While the shade does look like a sand on a paradise beach, the scent mimics fresh melons in a fruit salad. It is very light not very noticeable but I think it is a nice touch.

The shade is obviously nude, it is a little darker but with an orange undertone, hello yellow teeth. The finish is slightly creamy, it is not matte but after an hour it gets a bit dry and it looses the sheen.

Avon Glow lip stylo Nude Sand

This is how it looks on my lips and I don't think it is very flattering on me. Yellow toned nudes creates that warm line on the edge (it looks like I lined them with a lip liner but I didn't, it is just lipstick). I prefer brown toned nudes on myself but that is just the personal preference.
I would like to talk some more about the formula. I was somehow expecting light glossy lipstick but this is pigmented stuff. It applies very creamy and evenly but after two hours it looses the creaminess and I feel the need to reapply (I hate having bare lips, so when I can't feel the product on my lips I reapply even if the pigment is still there). It survived drinking even though it left a mark on the glass but you will have to reapply thoroughly after a meal. I noticed when I was adding new layer, the lipstick got a bit sticky and goopey, especially where my lips are touching, on the inner part of my lips. That happened only once when I was testing matte lipstick, I don't need to go in depth but I tossed it. It looked horrible so I wiped it off and reapplied on bare lips and it looked fine. I learned that adding more layers it will make it look awful but fresh layer looks nice.

I have mixed feelings about this one. The shade is not very flattering on me and formula is weird, first layer looks nice but as soon as you try to put more it looks gross. I have seen some reviews about these around the web and none of them mentioned that problem so I guess it is just me. I will try the Coral one and I will let you know if it is the same.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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