01 July 2016

Coffee and Cream


today I have to show you the last item from Benecos. I bought a lot of products from them a while ago and this palette somehow just didn't got its turn until now.

Benecos natural eye shadow palette Coffee and Cream

Benecos natural eye shadow palette in Coffee and Cream contains four neutral shades, great for beginners or just fans of neutral looks, like myself.

This color scheme attracted me the most, they also have the purple quad if you are a fan of those colors. The finishes vary from shade to shade, there are matte, sateen and shimmery shades included. The pigmentation is great, swatches were made only with two swipes except for the first cream shade, that one I had to layer a bit in order to show up but the reason is also my pale complexion.

Benecos natural eye shadow palette Coffee and Cream

First off white/cream color is matte and a little chalky but nothing too bad. On my skin it barely shows up but I use it as a base on top of a sticky base and it works perfectly.
Next we have warm bronze borderline orange-y shade with almost metallic finish, it contains small shimmer which makes this shadow shine but I usually blend it out a lot and it looks almost like it has sateen finish.
The third is my favorite. Warm nude which looks like nothing special in the pan but on the skin it is fantastic. It deepens my skin tone just for a shade and adds beautiful sateen finish which I love so much. I wish they would make this shade in a single packaging because I have a feeling I will go through it super fast.
The last dark neutral brown is also matte and pigmentation is superb. I mostly use it instead of liner and I love how it warms up the eye opposed to the usual grey pencil.

If you expected, like I did, that this palette will lack pigmentation or it would be overly shimmery or glittery you would be wrong. On the swatches above the shades maybe don't look like anything special but they look amazing on the eye. I did all kinds of different looks using only this palette and I loved them all. This palette is great in my opinion and I love using it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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