18 July 2016

Rose, would you...?


I'm in such a good mood today. I can't quite explain why but seeing new Essence products which will be released sometime in August definitely helped (you can check their official page for photos). I love so many items, my wallet will suffer but back to the product which I'm showing you today.

Catrice Shine appeal fluid lipstick in Rose, would you...?

Catrice Shine appeal fluid lipstick in Rose, would you...? is the star of today's post. I already have a red shade from their LE, which I love so I expected nothing less from this one.

The applicator is very soft and flexible but I have to dip twice to get enough product on my lips. The shade is flesh-y nude and I don't have anything like that.

I apologize for a bad photo but that is how it looks on my bare lips. It creeps into my lip lines and opacity is somewhere in between. I wish it would be more sheer so it would blend better with my pigmented lips. I fixed this issue by applying nude lipstick underneath which smoothed the lips and gave them enough coverage so my natural color does not show through.

On the first swatch I really loaded the product and on the second there is lighter application, more how you actually wear it on the lips. The scent is nice like a caramel candy and there is no icky plastic taste, which is always great.

I think this line of lip glosses is moisturizing and very glossy, the color looks nice but the problem is in my natural pigmentation, if I would choose more pink or red version I am sure it would look better, more natural on me but like I mention I solved it with layering.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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