30 July 2016

Fake tan


summer is in full swing and my pale skin stands out like an elephant in china store. I normally don't care about my pale face and hands but for some unknown reason I can't stand to see my pasty legs. I usually use some sort of self tanner to get them a shade or two darker and then I let the sun to take care of it for the rest of the warmer months.

Last year I purchased this Lavazon self tanning milk and there is still plenty of it left, I pretty much just use it on my legs because short sleeves allows sun to get me and before I take off for the vacation I use it on my stomach and back so the middle part isn't too off  ;)

The texture is milky and easy to use, light texture absorbs fast and after 5-10 minutes I can put my clothes on and there are no stains. On the photo above I put two thin layers this morning (for me this is a little too much but for the sake of taking photo I exaggerated so the color would be visible, in real life it looks very dark, I can only imagine how hard I will have to rub under a shower to get it off, why I didn't use it on my wrist where I could cover it with a bracelet? Sometimes I really don't think things through).
I applied one layer on Tuesday and today on Saturday I coated my legs with another one, I'm shaving my legs daily and the color still holds on pretty good. I like that it can be quite sheer (sometimes I mix in a little normal moisturizer to make shade even lighter) but the best part is the scent. There isn't any of that yucky fast tan smell but this one smells like cacao butter even after a couple of hours or days. My sensitive nose approves it and this tube was super cheap, I don't remember exactly how much but it was withing 5 € or less.
This one gets two thumbs up from me and if you want something efficient, cheap and non stinky try this one, you won't regret.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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