21 July 2016

Neem foaming wash


I hate when my skin decides to surprise me in the morning with a fresh pimple. I used up my tea tree oil almost a month ago and it seems to me that that triggered my skin and pushed it over the edge. I already ordered a new bottle and the package should arrive any day now. In the mean time I'm trying to calm down my skin with some tested products.

This is Himalaya purifying neem foaming wash. I already used one last year and my skin seemed to like it so I repurchased it. It is very liquid and bright green (to the point that it looks scary) but the pump transforms it into a light foam. The product otherwise don't have any distinguished scent.

I first remove my make-up with a baby wipe and then I use two pumps and massage it into my face. It manages to remove all of the remaining make-up, oil or dirt and it doesn't completely strips down my already sensitive skin.

I love using it in the morning and evening (often I use two different ones but this one just has it all). I have been using it for two weeks now and my skin is still acting up but I believe that without it, it would be even worse. I can only hope that in combination with the tea tree oil it will finally clear up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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