27 July 2016

Stone Taupes


last week I finally picked up this Avon quad which was on my wishlist since it came out a couple of years ago. I was so excited like a little kid and testing it and trying different looks with it was a blast.

Avon true color eye shadow quad Stone Taupes

It comes in standard Avon black packaging. The name of this particular true color eye shadow quad is Stone Taupes and consists of a nice mix of creme, beige and grey shades.

Inside is a big mirror which is actually useful and by that I mean, I can see my whole face in it. The shades also have different finish so a little bit of everything can be found.

The shades on the first glance didn't look like a good match but after using them I figured it out that they go really well together, it just isn't your standard nude palette and since owning so many I do appreciate some diversity.

The shades are a little powdery, especially the last darker ones so I need to clean up under my eyes after I'm done. It is a bit of a shame but nothing what a big fluffy brush can't fix.

The shade no. 1 is matte creme with some random shimmer (I think on the first swatch photo you can see it). I had to pack it up a bit in order to show up but when I use it with a brush I noticed it is very pigmented and mostly I use it to soften up some harsh edges, basically it helps me blend out some darker shades. I don't like to use it as an inner corner highlighter because I prefer more shimmery shades.

The shade no. 2 is the most shimmery and a real star of the palette. It is beige with warm undertones, I love using it all over the lid, sometimes it is the only one that I use. It is great for one eye shadow look if you are in a hurry.

Shade no. 3 is grey but not so typical, it also has some shimmer in it to make it more interesting. I can use it on my lid or in the crease area. I have to admit I was a bit nervous because it has been so long since I used grey on my eyes, I was convinced it does not suit me but this one is rater nice if you just want to dip your toes into the grey territory. 

The last shade, shade no. 4 is a mystery to me. It is less shimmery but not matte ether. In the pan it looks dark grey with some green undertones but on my skin it shows up more brown than anything else, I would say it has the ability to shift shades depending what other shades do you use. I mostly use it as a liner and it works great, just a little definition on my eyes.

I always prep my lids with a primer otherwise everything would crease within the first half an hour. I am used to use something light (like the shade no. 1) on top of my sticky eye shadow primer to take the stickiness away. I find that shadows blend better together if the base isn't sticky but with this palette it is the other way around. The base needs to stay sticky otherwise they don't show up at all. Imagine my surprise when I used them for the first time. I wanted to send it right back but I gave it another chance and I'm super glad I did. I ended up loving these shades and I can't even imagine my make-up collection without it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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