09 July 2016

35. NOTD


since I just purchased a new nail polish, I wanted to test it right away. My old paint came of and I applied two coats of this hard to describe color.

Catrice nail polish Quietude

It is Catrice limited edition shade (Sound of Silence) in the shade Quietude (English is not my first language and I thought that the brand just came up with this word but after a research I found a very interesting meaning of this word, it means the state of being quite or calm. I think they captured the right color to embody this feeling).

Catrice nail polish Quietude

The color is gorgeous, in the store I thought that it is more grey/beige shade but it turns out to be light, dusty green with shimmer. Not the kind which sparkles on the sun, it is rather dull and it looks like the varnish is made out of this particles. There are tons of them and on the bright light gives your nails olive gold reflex. I have nothing even remotely similar in my stash, I don't think I ever seen a polish with this color. On top of that I ended up really loving it even though green isn't 'my' shade.
The only complaint I have is the tip wear, the next day I already had some and that rarely happens.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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