28 July 2016

Simply Spice & Coral Desire


I have prepared more Avon products and on today's agenda there are lip liners. I already have Mystery Mauve shade which is beautiful and oh so versatile.

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liners in Simply Spice and Coral Desire are new in my collection.

The packaging is sleek, black and what I love the most is colored ring at the end which matches the color of the product. I store them upside down in a jar and it is so easy to pick the right one among different pencils. The retractable mechanism is also a nice touch.

The pigmentation is superb but also it can be build up (if you want lighter color you just don't need to press to much). I find out that the best way to apply them is to moisturize the lips before starting with my make-up and I leave lips for the end. After I'm done with everything I wipe off the remain balm and apply liner on dry but moisturized lips. I don't like the matte look so I always put something on top, usually lipstick and it lasts on me for a couple of hours with drinking and eating if I'm careful.

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liner  Simply Spice

This is Simply Spice which is brown toned nude, in real life it is a bit more brown but it was so hard to capture. I love putting on top all kinds of nude and peach lipsticks because it tones them down and makes them more 'earthy' ;)

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liner Coral Desire 

Coral Desire leans more on the red side in my opinion, it looks like a soft red and not too coral. I wanted a proper summer coral shade but this will do since I like to wear red lip stains and with liner underneath they will last even longer. The other day I played with sheer peach lipstick and combination of the two created nice bright coral (a little bit  of mascara and bronzed cheeks and summer make-up is done).

I like how easy they are to use, overall they are a bit drying but nothing a little balm beforehand and a moisturizing lipstick on top can't fix but if you are a fan of wearing just lip liner I can see they would be a little too dry. Dry formula on the other hand have some benefits, it is more long lasting which is all I want from a lip liner.
I like the shades and I think I will forever repurchase them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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