04 July 2016

34. NOTD


there are colors I'm not particularly comfortable wearing on my nails and brights, especially fluorescent are one of them. I would never buy a nail polish in such a color but I actually won it in a giveaway, so I decided to give it a go and if I wouldn't like it I can still give it away, right?

Smart girls get more 4

This one is from the brand Smart girls get more and there isn't a name on the bottle but at the bottom there is a sticker with number 4 on it, so I guess that is the name of it.
I got it last year and I wore it on my toes and ended up loving it (I wore it all the time last year). I have small toe nails so there wasn't any progress so I decided to try it on the nails as well.

Smart girls get more 4

I know, here it looks coral but no matter how many photos I took the real color didn't want to show up. The photo with the bottle is more accurate but it is still a little brighter than that.
I don't exactly hate the color but I also don't love it. I think it looks great on my toes but on my nails it is just okay. The bottle is small, it holds 5 ml of product so I decided to enroll it in my project polish and finish it up by the end of the year.
The consistency is nice, I do have to use three layers to completely cover the nail but I'm okay with it. Next time, when I will be at the drugstore I will check other colors and maybe I will buy something,since the formula is so nice.

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