24 July 2016

36. NOTD


another day another new nail polish. I'm a huge fan of lavender on my nails and when I saw this particular shade I gasped for air. I have nothing similar and I need it in my stash!

Avon Gel shine Rain Washed

It is Avon Gel shine in the shade Rain Washed. I love the formula on these and so I expected this would be the same but it is actually a bit thinner and more watery. If I would have longer nails probably I would need three coats but for now two were enough. I'm actually happy that they decided to make it more liquid since we all know how pastels behave (thick, streaky and goopy), thanks to the different formula this isn't hard to apply, I just had to get used to it but it wasn't hard.

The color is very light blue but in some light it leans toward lilac. For me it is one of the most beautiful in the collection. I love it on its own but I'm planing to put some delicate white or sheer glitter (some polishes that were a part of last year's Essence advent calendar will fill the bill).

How do I know that the shade I'm wearing is gorgeous? I can't stop looking at it.

Thank you for reading and have a  nice day

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