25 July 2016

Avon purchase


this time we placed an order super fast to get ahead of Summer holidays. I apparently felt the need to stock up with body moisturizers...

I wanted to get this after sun body butter for years, my sister always gets it and she always smells amazing, so this year I finally caved in and just get it.

In the purple tube is Planet SPA new relaxing Provence spa line with lavender & jasmine. To get a feel for the scent I picked up a hand cream in 30 ml tube.

Next, there is another Planet SPA item. It is from the Caribbean escape line with crushed pearls and sea alge extracts. I know this smells divine and I can't wait to start using it.

In the last tube is another and last body moisturizer in this post. It belongs to already discontinued line of Beautiful Butterfly, I only had a sample of perfume and I loved it so much (I would get the full sized perfume but it is sadly gone) so I got the only product left in this scent.

Lastly, we have a lip product. It is from the Winter's limited edition, hence the stars. This particular lip crayon is named Wild Orchid and at the end of the stick you can see the color of the product. I have been looking for a plum lipstick and this could be the one.

Thank  you for reading and have a nice day

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