31 July 2016



it is the end of the month and I managed to clear out some more products, 7 this time. On some of them I have been working for months now and it just happened that I finished them all at once.

First we have Avon foot works marine salt hydrating balm. It is a light blue gel which absorbs fast into the skin and I found out that it is also very moisturizing (I still often associate gel formulas with poor hydration but this one proved me wrong). I loved the scent of it as well, it was like a day on the deserted beach. Just sea, salt, nature and sand, I would use it all over my body if it wouldn't be weird to apply foot lotion on my hands. A couple of campaigns back they changed the packaging but I think they kept the line and I will definitely repurchase it once I'm done with the one I'm using right now.

Nonique Luxurious face wash with anti-aging effect is the next item. I already wrote the review about it here. It smells really nice and it is moisturizing but I prefer my face wash to give me that squeaky clean feeling and this one just doesn't do that. I still used it but only in the morning. I wouldn't repurchase it but at the moment DM has coupon with 50% off of their entire line, so I might pick some products up.

I used up Melvita L'Or Bio - Extraordinary oil which still manages to amaze me with its scent. I dedicate the whole post about this oil and you can find it here. My opinion hasn't changed, the oil is nice but for me too expensive since I haven't noticed any big changes on my skin while using it but I will miss the scent.

The last standing bottle is Avon naturals green tea & verbena body lotion. The scent is subtle but very refreshing like a cold tea on a hot summer day, it consists of green notes with a touch of flowers, very lovely but the scent is not very long lasting so I won't repurchase it even though I like it.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute lip gloss Pure Poppy & Tender Pink and Avon lipstick Rose Ribbons

Last three items are all lip products. Both lip glosses are Avon ultra glazewear absolute. The top one is in Pure Poppy and bottom one is Tender Pink. I like the moisturizing formula in these but the colors didn't convinced me so I won't repurchase them. I still have one shade which I adore and I would like to try some other colors.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute lip gloss Tender Pink & Pure Poppy

I manged to use up Tender Pink (first swatch) which looks more of a coral pink, especially on the lips. For my taste it was a little to pigmented but I personally prefer more sheer glosses.
The second, Pure Poppy is more of a true bright, fuchsia pink but I didn't finished it. On the second photo (first tube) you can see that it looks marbled. That is not how it is supposed to look like, even the scent changed and after half an hour or so when I wiped off the swatches this one stained my skin. There is no money on this world to force me to put it on my lips so I'm just tossing it.

Avon lipstick Rose Ribbons

The last item is also from Avon and it is just a little lipstick sample but even they take a while to get through. The shade is called Rose Ribbons and this line of lipsticks doesn't exists anymore so even if I would like it I can't repurchase it in the full size. Thankfully I am not a huge fan of this bright cool toned pink so I was really glad when I used it up and now I can toss it.

Seven more items are done and I'm already using new ones and more empties are coming your way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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