02 July 2016

Aloe vera


today I have a green product for you. I'm a huge fan of aloe vera, it is so practical and great for pretty much everything. I usually buy it from the brand Fruit of the Nature but the other day I saw this in my drugstore for a fraction of price.

Kräuterhof aloe vera gel

It is from a brand called Kräuterhof and the gel inside is green. This one also have a scent, I guess it smells natural, green but also a bit fruity. The minute I got home I tried it on. I cleaned my face and applied it. After 5 minutes or so, my face started to feel itchy and hot, I checked myself in the mirror and I was red as a tomato. I don't think I ever had such a bad reaction so fast. I also used it on my neck and chest area but it was fine, it is just my face that is so sensitive.
Next time I will spent a little more and get a superb products that works for me. I will still use this one, I guess I can use it on my legs after shaving or on my hair as a hair gel to tame those annoying flyaways.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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