14 July 2016



last week I stumbled on full Catrice stand with discontinued items and I just couldn't help myself. I picked this palette because I had my eye on it ever since it came out, the girls who reviewed it before mostly had mixed feelings about it but I still wanted to see it myself.

Catrice Soft Metal palette Metal'morphosis

Catrice Soft Metal palette (at the back there is an extra name so apparently what is written on the top is not the name anyway it says it is Metal'morphosis).

Just looking at it it looks like it would contain some pink, lavender, plum inspired shimmery hues, right?

 All of the shades are shimmery but some of them are more some a little less but no matte shades.

The last one looks quite dark opposed to others and chocolate-y plum toned.

The colors swatched completely different than what I expected. They show up more nude toned which I prefer anyway.

The first is very shimmery and pink, on the swatch it isn't so obvious but trust me, it is. It is my least favorite shade just because I don't like pink on myself but I can still layer it, so it is fine.

Next shade is is amber/orange toned with a lot of shimmer. It is very warm and great for blue eyes.

Third is more toned down version of the previous shade and it is more gold but not too yellow and very shimmery.
Fourth is brown and leans to the cool toned bronze, it is very nice in my opinion and beautiful against my skin tone.

Fifth shade is a again warmer than previous shade and I feel it is slightly less shimmery.

The last shade has more impact than any other shade in the palette. It is true brown with a plum duochrome/reflex and it is less shimmery.

After swatching them I couldn't understand why everyone was giving this palette such a poor grade. The colors are different enough and nicely pigmented, you can create lots of different looks with it but when I applied them to my eyes and blend them (I don't pack colors like I do on swatches) I could saw what they were talking about. Just for fun I swatched them again on my hand but this time I didn't pack them on, to show you how weak the pigment is.

The first pink shade is barely visible, thanks to the intensive shimmer you can spot it in the corner.

Next three shades really merge into each other. If you don't blend them in you can see slight difference on your eyes but nothing to write home about.

Second to last is a little more pigmented and on my fair skin it did show up as it is darker and I think here you can see that it has less shimmers that shades before.

The last shade again stands out as being still dark and rich.

Am I disappointed with the shades? No, I'm not. I personally prefer lighter colors anyway and the shimmer I think is beautiful. I can't create a ton of different looks using just this palette but I can always layer them over some 'boring' less shimmery but more pigmented colors to achieve something else and not to repeat my eye make-up all the time. I'm really happy to pick this palette up before it disappeared from shelves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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