11 July 2016

Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge


I bought five Catrice lip products while they were on sale and I started testing them as soon as I got home in case I liked something so much that I would need a back up. Today I will show you one of them. This is the first item from this line and did I like it?

Catrice Pure Brilliants lip balm Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge

I was close to purchasing one of these for a couple of times but now I had my last chance to pick it up before it is gone for good so I just took a plunge and got one. It is Pure Brilliants lip balm in the shade Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge.

When opened you see orange color with tons of shimmer, that is were the name brilliants come from. The scent is also a bit different from the Pure Shine line, that one has vanilla in it while this one reminds me of fizzy orange drink, Fanta.

Catrice Pure Brilliants lip balm Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge

This is how it looks on the back of my hand, nice pigmentation but if your lips are more naturally red the color won't show up that well. I noticed when I was using it all day long that in the middle of the day my lips started to look orange-y (when you reapply the pigment starts to show up more and it works almost as a stain) and they were covered in multicolored but mostly gold shimmer.

I like how moisturizing it is, I also like the citrus inspired scent but the shimmer is a little too much for me. I prefer my lip products to be shimmer or glitter free. I knew, when buying it, that it will be sparkly but this is too much. I'm happy that I restrained myself from getting the pink shade as well. All in all, I still think that the Pure Shine lip balms are better and it makes me so sad that they decided to discontinue them.

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