29 July 2016



my skin is getting back in line and I have to thank this new buddy of mine. Last year I figured it out that my skin responds really well to the tea tree and I'm constantly on the lookout for more products with this ingredient.

A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion 

A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion is new in my routine and I use it at least twice a day since I got it. The pump is really practical and works great with this milky textured product.
In the evening I squirt three pumps and apply all over my face and neck and top it off with tea tree oil while it is still wet. I'm really hard core with tea tree  ;)
In the morning I use only two pumps and make sure everything gets absorbed (it sinks in really fast because the formula is so thin and light) before I continue with make-up. In these hot summer days I don't need more so this emulsion on its own is sufficient enough, my skin feels moisturized and matte at the same time. Probably I will need more moisture in cooler months but for now it is good.

I absolutely love the texture, matte finish and fresh scent, I personally love the scent of tea tree but this particular product has a very faint scent so if you don't like it this my still be good for you. From me it gets two thumbs up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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