22 July 2016

E-bay purchase


in my recent post I was telling you that my skin started to act up which is upsetting. I used up my acne remedy almost a month ago (tea tree oil) but I ordered a new bottle and I was just waiting to arrive and now the wait is over.

A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil and A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion 

A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil is back in my routine and I can't wait till the evening to start using it again and finally calming my skin down. I wrote about it back in December, you can find my initial opinion about it here and after finishing one 14 ml bottle I can really admit it makes wonders to my sensitive acne prone skin.
While I was browsing the site, I also noticed this emulsion from the same brand, A'pieu. I thought it can't hurt so I put it in my cart and now it is finally here. I will start using it right away and I will make sure to report back with my thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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