06 July 2016



it was time to switch my old mascara and reach for the new one. I use only Avon mascaras and so far they haven't fail on me, I really liked all of them. They are constantly coming out with new ones so rarely I get the same one twice but that doesn't mean I didn't like it, I like to try new ones and I trust the brand, so every time I test something new I end up loving it.

Avon Infinitize mascara

This time it is Avon Infinitize mascara in noticeable orange packaging. Mine is in the shade Brown/Black, because I think pitch black can look to harsh on me, besides there isn't that much of a difference. I bet if I wouldn't tell you that this isn't black you wouldn't be able to tell.

Avon Infinitize mascara

The wand is special and weird. It is curved and has three sections, it looks like three bulbs with super long spikes on them. At first I was scared that I would poke my eye with it but that didn't happen and I have been using it for roughly two weeks now. I appreciate that it has spikes also at the very top so I can get in the corners and wrap even the smallest lashes.
The formula isn't to wet which I like, it holds the curl with ease and doesn't smudge.

I needed some time to get to used to the wand but I find out that the shape is very practical and easy to use, the formula is superb like with other mascaras and I had zero issues. From me this mascara gets tho thumbs up.

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