31 March 2016

Fall in Love with me


as I announced in my previous post today I would like to introduce to you my new gorgeous blush. I have been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it, almost two weeks and I love it.

Benecos natural powder blush in Fall in Love

Its name is Benecos natural powder blush in Fall in Love. It has three shades that you swirl together for a lovely peachy pink shimmery blush. You can focus only one one shade if you have smaller brush but I don't fuss around and just mix them together.

Benecos natural powder blush in Fall in Love

The first strip shows all of the colors mixed together and the other three are swatched accordingly. First and last shades are both matte with a slight sheen but not shimmery while the middle one is a pink toned shimmery shade that adds enough glow to your cheeks that you don't need to use highlighter.
This blush stays on pretty much for the entire day, I have no complaints about the staying power but I noticed that the last bronzey shade swatches a bit harder. I had to rub much more intensely to get the color on my hand and I think the brush also can't pick much more so the end result is more pinky blush opposed to peachy. I remember the sample they had at the store swatched nicely so maybe is just mine.
At the end I don't mind because I like the color, if I will notice through the time that the first two shades are wearing down and the last one stays the same I might crush some bits and used it as an eye shadow. I know I won't waste anything.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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