27 March 2016

more shopping


I went back and picked some more items from the drugstore with the coupon code. I really was craving for some new brushes (my cousin asked me to do her make-up for the prom and with some spankin' new brushes I will look more professional, like I know what I'm doing  ;)

Ebelin brushes 

They are all from Ebelin and the first is the big fluffy and super soft powder brush which I will probably use for the blushes.
Next is the eye shadow brush with and interesting cut, I have never see brush shaped like that but I can see how it could be handy.
The last one one is is smaller and more precise, I will use it to smudge my lash line or as an inner corner highlighting brush. This one is very dense and not super soft, I mean it is still soft but because it is more dense it does not feel so fluffy soft.

Maybelline color tattoo matte eye shadows Creme de Rose & Creamy Beige 

The last I picked up two newer Maybelline color tattoo matte eye shadows. There are four shads in this collection and I picked only half of them (so proud ;).
The first lighter one is Creme de Rose and secon slightly darker and more brown toned is Creamy Beige. I can't wait to see if they have a better staying power than the original shades which crease on me within the first hour of wear without a primer. I will definitely report back after I will try them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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