10 March 2016

Coffee Party


since I recently bought some more eye shadows I felt the need to test them as soon as possible and today I have one to show it to you. I started with the smaller one, which has three neutral shades.

Terra Naturi Coffee Party

The brand is Terra Naturi and the name of this trio is Coffee Party. I love that the lighter shade is spread over almost half of the pan and that the darker shade is squeezed into tiny space. This ratio seems perfect since I know I will use the lighter shade the most.
When I opened it I first noticed the strong scent, it smells like baby powder mixed with flowers. It doesn't really bothers me since my eyes are quite far away from the nose  ;)

Terra Naturi Coffee Party

Here they are all swatched. The two darker shades have sateen finish and the lighter shade contains some little shimmer, no big chunky glitters are present.
The darker shade looks pretty different than in the pan. In the packaging it looks darker and more neutral but when swatched it looks more warm almost bronze.
The second shade is warm gold which isn't too yellow and it is awesome if you have blue eyes and you want them to be more obvious.
The lighter shade matches my lids pretty well and I use it as an all over the lid shade as a base. I like the tiny shimmer it contains and it makes everything that I put on top kind of glowing.
All of the shades looks amazing together I only wish they would make a tiny room for a proper inner corner highlighting shades (the lightest shade is probably meant for this but since I'm so pale...)
I would say the pigmentation is nice but when I was tapping my brush quite a lot of powder flew away, so the shadows are a bit powdery but after tapping I haven't experienced any fallout.
I'm really happy with this palette, I only wish there would be a proper highlighter shade in it but other than that it is perfect for me.
I think they are discontinuing these trios since I got mine on a sale with a reduced price. I ended up paying only 2,50 € for it and if you ask me it really was a bargain for such an awesome palette.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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