18 March 2016

Once upon a time...


I'm here with this beautiful warm neutral palette. I found lots of pretty shades in here to do my entire make-up with it and I feel like with this palette I can do soft and more dramatic looks.

Terra Naturi Once upon a time

This palette from Terra Naturi is part of the limited edition and it is getting discontinued. Now there is available Hollywood Diva collection with some interesting bits.
I have to mention that this palette also have baby powder scent, not as strong as the trio but still.

Terra Naturi Once upon a time

Here they are all swatched without a base. They all have nice pigmentation even when I apply them with a brush they aren't too powdery and blend beautifully.
The first shade is very light, it actually blends with my skin and it is very shimmery, I'm okay with it because I like it in my inner parts of my eyes.
Second shade appears more warm on my skin than in the pan, I would say it is almost peachy-pink and great for blue eyes.
Third shade is less shimmery than the first two and it is great for the crease.
Fourth shade definitely is something special. It is an unique blend of antique gold and khaki green, I don't think that my photos do it justice.
The last two shades are pretty dark, one is very warm and the other one more neutral. Ether way they look lovely smudged all over the lash line, I just choose if I will do more warm look I use second to last shade or I'll keep my make-up more neutral with the last one.

Terra Naturi Once upon a time

Here you can see a bit better the first light shade. This one is obviously shimmery, the rest are more on the sateen side.
It is lovely as an inner corner highlighter or all over the lid if you want just a little sparkle to it.

Again, I feel like I'm repeating myself when I say that I really like this palette. I feel like I can do so many different looks with it and the colors are really beautiful. The trio that I have from them, Coffee Party, is great to make my blue eyes more blue but I feel a little bit limited because there are only three shades and it is not as versatile as this palette.
Both palettes convinced me and in the future I will definitely pay more attention to Terra Naturi displays because there are definitely some hidden gems.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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