22 March 2016

Orange & Melissa


I can't wait for Spring to arrive, well officially it is already here but I wish the weather would be more appropriate. I love warm days, lots of sun and that happiness that is in the air when everything is in full bloom. I recently picked up this body spray and oh boy, it smells like warm days.

Alverde body spray Orange & Melissa

I found this Alverde body spray in Orange & Melissa scent on sale (like most of my items). Before I have never even looked their body splashes but seeing it on sale, I just felt the need to sniff and buy it. To me it smells just like melissa I can't detect much of orange. My mom have a whole lot of it and when I go home I pick it up and dry it and make delicious tee out of it. When it is fresh it is great to spice up the water, it is so refreshing. No wonder I love the scent of this product. It remind me of home and spring/summer hot weather.
The scent is obviously not very long lasting but it stays longer if I spray it directly on my skin that if I put it on my clothes (usually it is the other way around, scents stay longer on clothes that on my skin).
I love the scent but I wish it would stay on longer but still I will use the heck out of it this year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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